Service Package Details

Read the below to gain more information about the Services involved within the five (5) packages being offered through our Finance Management Services!

  • Management of Client Analytics Tool

This service will include being assigned your very onw personal consultant that will be continuously reviewing and managing the tool. This Client Analytics Tool is custom built based on your financial situations and goals.

  • Extracting Monthly Statements

This service will include the consultant assigned to you, logging into all of the applicable accounts that you want to be a part of the services and inputting the information into your personalized tool. You will need to sign off to allow us to extract bank statements, investment updates, and if desired 401K updates.

  • Meeting / Call Duration Hours

This service is giving you the opportunity to talk with our consultants 1 on 1. Each package will allow you to have a different quantity in the amount of hours given per month. To see details refer to the Service Package page on the website.

  • Monthly / Quarterly / Yearly Overview Report

This service will include our consultants putting together detailed reports based on the data and analytics within your specific and personalized Client Analytics Tool. Each package will include the Quarterly Reports but the other reports are contingent on the package you select. Refer to the Service Package page of the website.

  • Quarterly Newsletters

This service includes us providing you insight on our business and what is going on throughout the finance world. Including tax updates, current events, and many more. There will always be a discount opportunity or a free one time service inside as well so be sure to read!

  • Physical Location Meetings

This service includes your personal consultant scheduling one (1) physical location meeting per year to either assist you in a meeting for business or just to have your financials presented to you with a more “personal” touch!