Consultant Plan / Option

Business Consulting Services

This option is for start-up businesses and future venture entrepreneurs that need some advice to help them get moving. We have some options that may be a better fit to the situation you are in currently.

We also do Financial Consulting. Dealing with budgeting, debt, and other investment opportunities.


Includes: Meetings virtual or in person, with a duration of 2 hours for questions and issues.

First (1-Hour) Meeting FREE – (After $125 per hour)

1. One time payment

  • This option is where we set up a contract for “x” amount of money to do a certain job/project. This amount will be paid once and as soon as the project is done the contract is complete.

2. Monthly Subscription

  • This option will allow you to sign up for a monthly subscription. You will pay the contract monthly, giving you ( 1 ) project/job per week. The amount will be negotiated between each individual business


Please schedule a call for us to be able to start working on whatever you need from us.

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