“Earn your Stripes”

With Netflix releasing the most talked about docuseries / movie ……… once again, I am positive that all of you have missed out on reading about the news that has occurred throughout the past week. So, luckily for you I am here to keep you in the know! Just so you know I am referring to “When You See Us!”

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This week I wanted to talk about something a little bit different from the past articles. In the past 5 – 7 years being an entrepreneur, business owner, or freelancer has become more obtainable than ever before. With the power of the internet and being able to advertise your business through social media for a small amount of money, you can become successful in anything that the market needs.

Nonetheless, it has become increasingly clear that people are attempting to grow their business quickly and in turn they have been running their business with little to no growth throughout the past few years. There seems to be something that most businesses are missing as they are attempting to take the next step within their growth and the amount of revenue they want to make. The unfortunate part is that most of the owners think that it has to do with their marketing or the look of their logo, they even blame their website layout at times.

So, what is it that you are missing? I’m sure you’re wondering what the answer is going to be. I cannot give you a specific answer because all businesses vary but I can assure you that it has to do with the overall basics that your business was built upon. The mission that the business embodies and what it expels to the public is imperative. What is my suggestion? I suggest that you take time to reach out and receive third party consultation to help improve your business. Why do I believe this is the best option? It’s based on the fact that you do not have to give up equity to take the necessary steps in forming a strong business.

Who do I trust and suggest to keep your best interest in mind and to work with you, building you along with your business, and then standing with you through out the trials of your business?

Real Innovative and Solutions for Entrepreneurs…. Also known as “RISE.”

Image from: RISE Consulting Group

RISE Consulting Group is a one of a kind firm that puts the client first and will always put you in a place to protect yourself and your business. Click the link below to see their website and if you call, tell them that “Kenny Davis sent me!”

RISE Consulting Group

News and Topics:

  • Salesforce acquires analytics software Tableau for $15 Billion
  • Amazon is creating a credit card for those with bad credit and no banking
  • Facebook is releasing its own cryptocurrency and apparently employees can take it as salary
  • NASA is opening the Space Station as a tourist destination in the near future
  • Tesla Model 3 is now in demand and outpacing all of its electronic car competitors
Image from: WP Travel Engine

The Financial Seed: Grow Your Stripe(s)

As all of you are starting to grow your business, it becomes clear that many of you do not have a great payment process built within. This is in regards to taking in revenue and also paying out possible employees and contractors.

Most people are using Square for their business or PayPal because of the ease in signing up and getting revenue on the spot. Although, this is a mistake and it is a mistake because of the overall functionality and the inability to grow your business without having to at some point move into another system. What system has the capability to function while your business is scaling and has the ability to take on the amount of transactions or payroll necessary?

If you were able to read the title of the section and know, then good for you! But, if you are not within this group of people then the system you are looking for is called Stripe.

Stripe is free at its most simplistic form and using Stripe Connect allows you to embed it into your website and it will create the process where the contractors can fill out their own banking information while signing in.

Take some time to look over their webpage and start bringing in money, paying invoices, and paying your employees/contractors seamlessly.

Stripe Website

Thank you all for reading and please take action on all of the information that you have soaked in. If you do not put it to practice you will lose it!

See you next week!

“Re-analyze Your Position”

The Warriors are now 1 – 2 in the Finals, Anthony Joshua loses to someone’s uncle, and apparently the stock market is doing a balancing act to hold itself upright. Last week was definitely one to remember but, I like to focus on things that may have an impact on my life.

In today’s time there are a lot of business’s sprouting up from all over the world and coming from individuals with all types of economic backgrounds. With that being said, the way that we can utilize technology within a business makes it possible for just about anyone to become a successful business owner.

Image from: Purrmetrix

Nonetheless, it turns out that its not the actual technology that enables a business owner to build the value of their business and make sound decisions. This is all done within the utilization of something called Analytics and Data Management. Over the past few years it has been a major priority to optimize the data that is being gathered within a business and using it to form tables that can be understood. This is usually an expensive software or service to obtain and its never customizable towards exactly what you need within your specific business.

Well, today The Private Professional LLC has built itself into a business that only provides software and tools that allow you to receive everything you’re looking for. Through an affordable cost structure, we prioritize to solve and help your business excel in three main categories; Analytics, Scalability, and Automation.

Within these three categories we promise you will see a change in your overall understanding of your business and also the ability to take on more clients with ease. To start the process please click on the link below!

The Private Professional LLC

Image from: Android Central

News and Topics:

  • Spotify “Stations” free app is now available! Providing you with radio stations that plays all of your favorite songs.
  • Fintech has received a record $117 Billion in deals from the serge in cashless payments.
  • CVS releases its new HealthHUB which will be focusing on wellness experience.
  • Bumble (yes, the dating app) is opening a café location in NYC for their users to meet in a safe place.
  • Wells Fargo just donated $1 Billion to affordable housing, a part of philanthropic initiative
  • Uber is being audited by the IRS for 2013 and 2014 taxes (hopefully they paid their share)
  • Apple will shut-down iTunes for good so “bye-bye” to all the music you purchased….should have used LimeWire (haha)
Image from: Kickstarter

The Financial Seed: The Art of Refinance

Student Loans are going to be an issue for decades to come and with the forever raising rates of tuition this does not seem like something that will go away anytime soon. I know, I know, there is a college in New York that gives free tuition. Although, I do not see this practice trending anytime soon because of the huge market that is called “The College Experience”. So, for this articles topic I am going to focus on some of the best options for refinancing your student loan debt into one consistent payment process.

Let me start off with what refinancing is from a generic standpoint. Refinancing is when you take a previously agreed upon loan structure and replacing it with a better one; which in turn will be taking another loan in its place.

In this instance we are talking about trying to either lessen the overall monthly impact of your debt payments, or to consolidate your debt from multiple lenders to one. Creating a constant interest rate and one payment to be devoted to per month. The benefits can be to get out of the fluctuation of the government loans, Sallie Mae (awful), and many others that change what you owe each year. To something you can count on being stable and have the ability to budget and track easily.

What are the best refinancing companies for student loans? Well, you have come to the right blog! I will provide you with the top 5 refinancing companies that are being utilized today.

  1. Credible
  2. Earnest
  3. LendKey
  4. College Ave
  5. SoFi

Click on the names of each that you are interested in above to read more into the specific details. If you are struggling with your student loans and are trying to find a way to make it easier for yourself, then this is a way.

Thanks for reading and keep striving for greatness!

If you are interested in the services discussed earlier in the article by The Private Professional LLC, please click the link below!

The Private Professional LLC

“Software for Hire”

I hope you all have had an amazing Memorial Day weekend! Spending time with family and friends is always important for recharging yourself to get back to the grind towards the goals you have set for yourself.

In this day and age a lot of millennials are being challenged by the fact that you are not only having your college degrees downgraded to being something that’s common or normal; but also needing more practical skills to be chosen to be hired for a job. Throughout the last few years I have seen that jobs are looking for candidates to have the ability to work within many different types of software before starting.

Image from: TheStreet

I know it seems unfair to expect you to know how to use a certain type of software before being able to have the chance to gain work experience or work within a system that uses that software. Although, nonetheless the fact is that they do not care anymore. What does that mean? It means that you need to start taking the time to learn how to use the software on your own.

I suggest that you use a few tools that are free or very affordable to gain the experience and knowledge for the software being used within your industry or department.

The first option is using YouTube Tutorials of the software. Each and every software (Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamic 360, SAP, Tableau, etc.) has a tutorial available to watch on YouTube, so why not use it. The second option is Udemy. Even though it may cost you about $20.00 to purchase the lesson, it is well worth it when you get the $50,000 full-time position you are working towards. The third option is going to Half Priced Books and purchasing the “Basics” books for the software. This is not the most desirable method but it is a method in itself.

If you are interested in checking out Udemy; click the link Here.

Image from: Vox

News and Topics:

  • Fiat Chrysler and Renault are in talks to merge and it could be worth $37 Billion
  • China owns $21 Trillion in U.S. Treasury bonds (they own us…..smh)
  • Hedge funds are back to buying General Electric, maybe it’s time to reinvest
  • Micron and Nvidia stocks rebound after US gives temporary relief for Huawei suppliers
  • Tesla is making a major come back in deliveries of the Tesla Model 3
  • Robinhood is nearing an evaluation of over $7 Billion

The Financial Seed: IRA means Retirement

A large percentage of the United States population is only a few years away from attempting to retire and some are excited and ready, while others are scared or regret that they didn’t do what they were supposed to when they we younger.

Lucky for you, I am going to introduce you to one of the most recommended avenues for saving up to ensure that you’re going to be fully prepared to retire. What am I going to introduce you to? Well, I’m sure if you took a few seconds to read the title of this section you already know that it’s an IRA.

What is an IRA? An IRA is an individual retirement account and it has a lot of benefits to it.

“IRA’s are a type of individual retirement account operated by banks and brokerages, rather than your employer, and mainly come in two forms – traditional and Roth.” (Business Insider Article)

The difference between the traditional and the Roth has to do with the way that taxes are treated within both. All money that is contributed to the traditional IRA’s are tax deductible, and unfortunately any money contributed to a Roth IRA is not.

Let’s me move on to why opening up an IRA is so important to your retirement. For starters, you should always have more than one savings method for your retirement. That is because you never know what will occur within your company or employers set packages that are offered and you have more control over the outside investments you create. Another reason is that you have some advantages in the timeframe that you can start withdrawing money from the overall account.

For an IRA you have the ability to begin pulling money from it at the ripe young age of 59 and a half. What does that mean? It means that you can retire a few years earlier and have a buffer between the time that you retire and start withdrawing from your employers 401K.

It you want to learn more about IRA’s and the top IRA brokers available today click the links below and start your journey to a wealthy retirement.

IRA Information

Top IRA Brokers

Thanks for reading and I will see you next week. Be ready because I will be doing a raffle where you have the chance to win a “The Private Professional” t-shirt next week!

“Balance Your Finances”

Hello, my fellow overachievers! I want to acknowledge the fact that you are taking the necessary steps to better yourself each week just by reading my blog articles. Hopefully you have been able to use the information embedded throughout to enhance your business experience or your overall life in some sort of way.

Are you looking to take control of your financial life? Do you want to have the ability to save up for a house or to have a better understanding of what you are spending throughout each month?

Image from: Pexels

Well now you have this done for you and all at very affordable price!

My business (“The Private Professional LLC”) is now offering complete Financial Management and Budgeting services. These services all start at an affordable rate of $25.00 per month.

You can request these services today through the link here: Click Here

Moving on to more interesting things throughout the world……

Image from: The New York Times

News & Topics:

  • Trump bans Huawei and Google cuts ties soon after (Keep your eyes peeled on this)
  • JPMorgan acquires InstaMed, a healthcare firm for $500 Million
  • Apple may soon be banned in China, scary for Apple revenue
  • Ford cutting 7,000 jobs to save $600 million for restructuring
  • Top industries of the future include; AI, Autonomous Vehicles, and Cannabis.
  • Morgan Stanley expert states that Tesla stock could drop to $10.

Now it’s time for my next segment, which is completely centered around providing financial knowledge to all of you! Not only is it financial knowledge, it is hopefully something that applies to your life in some fashion!

The Financial Seed: A Balance Sheet says What?

When it comes to the average individual and the fact that they either believe there is no need to know about what a balance sheet is, or how to look through the balance sheet to gain value; it always baffles me.

Through my experience when talking to clients, there seems to be a disconnect between what can be learned through a better understanding of financials. Not just from within your own business but also from others. The same applies to all of you that are so called investors. People always wonder how Warren Buffet is able to have such a high rate of success within the stock market. It all starts with his understanding of the financials and what they mean in terms of the business. I’m not going to dive into each detail but I will give you some insight into the importance of the Balance Sheet.

What can you learn from looking through a Balance Sheet?

  • Ability to see the big picture of the company’s overall financial condition.
  • Consolidating a lot of the accounts and showing important numbers.
  • Shows a listing of the company’s assets and breaks them down into the most important sections.
    1. Cash, Investments, Trade Receivables, Accounts Receivables, Inventory, Property, and Plan and Equipment.
  • Gives you a list of the company’s liabilities so you can understand where  the company stands.
    1. Looking at Long-term Debt, Outstanding Debts, Accrued Liabilities and even just overall Accounts Payable.
  • Allows you to see the amount of money being invested into the company through a given year. Letting you know if the company is making good decisions with its past investments or if they are using the money being invested into the company to benefit the longevity and success of the company.

So, the next time you take a look at a Balance Sheet; look up the definition of the account, look at the numbers and try to gain an understanding of the business. Try to understand why the company has a negative in their Net Income, and not to just believe that they are failing.

Amazon was in the negative for years because they were investing and building their empire to give them the ability to make the revenue they are making today. You would understand this by looking into the Balance Sheet not the Income Statement.

Take some time this week and review a few company’s Balance Sheet and send me (3) things that you learned from it. I want to here from you! Comment below or email me through the email address here: theprivateprof@gmail.com.

Please share this article if you enjoyed it and I will see all of you next week after your long Memorial Day weekend!

“Know Your Value”

Other than the Warriors showing that they can win without Kevin Durant, there has been a lot of other exciting news that occurred throughout this past week.

I’m going to start off with the Uber IPO release last week and how it opened with the highest value in the past few years at $82 Billion. Which unfortunately was on the lower end of the recommended amount that could have been chosen by Uber. Some people were saying that Uber’s IPO may be closer to the $200 Billion range. But, after seeing the large hit and very disappointing start to the IPO of their competitor Lyft they decided to play it conservative (safe).

A few weeks ago, Lyft opened with their IPO and nothing went the way they predicted. Losing billions of dollars within the first few days of their release date.

As E-40 said; “Go Hard or Go Home” and that is not the way that Uber approached their IPO. This decision has already come back to haunt them. The decrease in their stock price since opening has already made them lose $6 Billion in the valuation. All of the companies that invested in the IPO of Uber have lost millions of dollars in the process. Now, there have been instances where this has happened in the past and the company through time became one of the most valuable corporations in the world… cough, cough….. Facebook, Apple, and Alibaba.

Regardless, if you learn anything from Uber, I hope you learn to not look to others for how you see the value of your business. Value your business based on the numbers and stick with your gut.

Image from: USA Today

Let me move on to this week’s News & Topics:

  • Trump administration is about to put tariffs on $300 Billion of Chinese goods. This will definitely hurt the economy.
  • Price of a Tesla Model 3 is not $35,000 anymore; it is now $35,400.
  • Uber went down 11% and that is now the biggest first day loss in US IPO history
  • Panasonic is struggling to meet battery demands for Tesla cars
  • Amazon acquired PillPack for $750 Million, which was reported to be on track to make $229 Million in revenue this year.
  • Nvidia’s stock price continues to plummet after the trade war escalates.
  • Bank of America makes raises minimum wage to $20 for its employees
Image from: Flickr

The Financial Seed: Buying vs. Leasing

Come on now it’s 2019, you can have less than $1,000 in your bank account and still drive a 2018 Charger, knowing that you cannot truly afford it. Which leads me into what this week’s lesson will be; Buying vs. Leasing.

Leasing is a great option for people who love cars and know that they will desire a new one every few years. Not saying that they cannot afford to buy one, but that it just wouldn’t make sense because this individual would want to get rid of it within the next 2-3 years. Let me backtrack a bit and explain what “leasing” is in more of a definition aspect.

A lease isa contract by which one party conveys land, property, services, etc. to another for a specified time, usually in return for a periodic payment.” All in all this means that you never own the property, you are just using it for a limited amount of time and have to contractually return it before that time is up.

Financially this route may be cheaper on a monthly basis compared to the monthly payments you have to take on in the instance you set up a plan to purchase the vehicle. Although, there are some things that may cause the amount paid to rise exponentially. Such as the mileage requirements on the leased vehicles and if there is any damage to the vehicle.

What are the benefits of buying your vehicle instead? Well there are a few options you can take in this instance. One is buying from a dealership and drafting a 60-month payment contract or $250 per month and the other is going to purchase a $3,000 used car all out right. The first option will allow you to in time payoff the total and then own the car for years after the payments have ended. Freeing up a couple hundred dollars per month for investment purposes until the car dies. For the second option, you will take a large financial hit initially but then you won’t have to make any payments on the vehicle for years. Giving you the time to build your financial basis to properly budget and save for the car you can financially afford.

To me the choice between Buying vs. Leasing is clear……… Buying is always the better choice!

Thank you for reading! I hope you have been enjoying all of the articles. As always, I love to hear feedback and if you have any feedback you can comment or email me directly through the Contact page or the email here (theprivateprof@gmail.com).