Master Level Budgeting

Welcome to The Private Professional LLC’s “Master Level Budgeting” services!

Within this new service you will have an expert Financial Consultant assist you with putting together a budget based on your goals and lifestyle. The Financial Consultant will be by your side throughout your “Master Level Budgeting” journey.

This service will include all of the below:

  • Budget Creation Services
  • Monthly Summary Report
  • Budget Limit Notifications
  • Unlimited Email Communication w/ Financial Consultant

All of the above is included in the low affordable price of;

$75.00 per month (First Month FREE to start)

For additional fees you can add any of the below as well;

  • 30 Minute Consultation Call
  • Adding Additional Accounts
  • Business Financial Management

If you are interested in the applicable services you can either emailus using the contact below or call us through the applicable number.


Phone: (513) 518-4853