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Even though we decided to go with The Morning Ideal. All of the submissions assisted us in coming up with the name that we decided upon.

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News & Topics around the world:

  • US Women’s Soccer won their 4th World Cup and are back to back Champs.
  • Uber is looking to heavily invest into the Japanese market.
  • Amazon’s owner Jeff Bezos’s divorce is finally official; making MacKenzie Bezos the third richest woman in the world.
  • Ford and Volkswagon, sign a deal to use each other’s autonomous tech to enhance their products.
  • Dynatrace, looking to go public and possibly reach an IPO of $300 Million
  • Samsung’s profits from this previous quarter decreased by 56%…..sheesh

“MONEY TALK” by Lawrence Cain

Having Financial Goals Creates New Avenues

Image from: The Diamondback

Many Americans are working hard to so-called “secure the bag.”

The beauty of creating and working towards the future you desire is that doors will spontaneously open up for you in places you would have never thought to look. Maybe that door leads to you finding your dream job, starting a business, or checking off something from your Bucket List. It could be meeting a new person that can lead you to a BIG contract, or winning an award that gets you in front of an audience you may be able to inspire.

According to Webster’s Dictionary, the difference between being rich and being wealthy is that wealthy people have an abundance of resources. Meaning that the possibility of success in the future is going to be determined by the person you decide to build yourself up to be. By focusing on building up your resources, while becoming a resource yourself, you’ll begin to transition into a new level of greatness.

Get excited about this because you are going to have to start focusing on how great you can be, instead of things you just want to buy. Being led by the possibilities of your life, not by the purchases of you make. Investing money into yourself is one of the most exhilarating things you can do.

Remember, there are no such things as right or wrong when it comes to finances. There are only consequences to the decisions that you make within your financial situation.

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Image from: ilixer

Meeting recommended dietary standards is exceedingly difficult when leading a busy life. Fast food is convenient, so why can’t it also be healthy? ilixer is a single, complete meal replacement powder with:

  • The right ratio of Fats, Carbs, Fiber, Vitamins, Minerals, and Antioxidants to keep you both full and energized for at least four hours.
  • The ability to have ilixer for all your meals throughout the day or for just one meal.
  • A simple and delicious flavor profile using real, organic cinnamon, cacao, and stevia.
  • Real, organic fruits and vegetables such as kale and goji berries.
  • Over 27 essential vitamins and minerals, such as Vitamin C, Vitamin K, Vitamin D, Vitamin B12, Niacin, Folate, and Biotin, among others.
  • Real, organic ‘superfoods‘ such as chia seeds and non-dutch processed cacao

Visit the  ilixer website to purchase:


Free Offerin’ Business Model

Image from: Study Breaks Magazine

Within this new age of having everything accessible through your smartphone, it turns out that the price of using an app is lower than ever before. Why you ask? Well, you owe a great deal of this new trend to everyone out there buying smartphones at an unprecedented rate. There is also the fact that the internet is now becoming a normality across the globe. What does this do for all current and future businesses?

It creates a multi-billion customer reach that was previously almost unattainable. So, that means one thing. It’s not about the price on the service or product anymore…..it’s all about the number of people you can attract into using the product or service. How about we move to a few examples so you can see exactly what I am getting at?

1.       Example #1: Tinder

As many of you know Tinder is completely free at its basic form and usage. Meaning that you can use Tinder freely in a limited capacity and receive the results you are looking for. Although if you want unlimited swipes you will need to upgrade your account. This is where you will be paying a monthly fee to use it.

With this business model Tinder has millions of users on the app daily and in turn, earns a high amount of revenue from businesses running advertisements through the app itself as another revenue stream.

2.       Example #2: Netflix

I know that this example does not start off free for the customer but it is a good way to look at having something provided to customers at a low price.

Netflix only cost $8.99 per month when it first came out. That is a very affordable price for a large demographic of the United States. Creating a large target market that can be reached and they found out not only how to reach the market but to continuously grow within that market. You may not think a business can reach millions from $8.99 per month. But, once you reach 20 million account holders then you are multiplying that $8.99, which gives you $180 Million.

Recently Netflix raised its prices by $2.00 and that’s not much for the users. Although, Netflix raises its revenue by $40 Million if we are still using those 20 million account holders.

At the end of the day if you have a service or product that is tech-based and can be used through the internet or smartphone, then use these two examples to help you in creating a profitable business model.

Giveaway of the Week: “Social Media Shoutout!”

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Prize:  $75  Cash [ thru the Cash App

This week’s giveaway is going to be a bit different from the past few weeks. We are going to change the rules and what is needed from you to have a chance to win.

You need to Re-Post one of The Morning Ideal’s posts on any of our social media outlets. For eachRe-Post, your name will be entered into the raffle. See the social media usernames below (you can click on the @ names to go to sites):

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“Stock Pile your Credit”

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Hello Fellow Thinkers,

You can stop sweating now! At the G20 Summit, a handful of the world’s leaders came together to discuss important issues and luckily for all of the small business owners and any of you with a job, you do not have to worry about losing the ladder today. China President Xi Jinping and Donald Trump agreed to step back from the trade war and continue the overall negotiations at a later time. So, go home pop some champagne and look at your bank account.

As an update and overall notice. You will be seeing a name change for our newsletter, as we grow we are bringing on more writers. Meaning it’s not all about “Kenny” anymore (bummer right), so keep an eye out and if you have any suggestions please click the button below to submit your thoughts.

Oh… and last but not least, the announcement of the person that won our Chick-Fil A gift card from last weeks giveaway!

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What’s in today’s article:

  • What are (3) Stocks projected to grow exponentially throughout the next few years?
  • Sponsored Feature: Generation Contracting & Remodeling.
  • What can actually affect your credit score?

News & Topics around the world:

  • US-China trade war truce allows businesses and the stock market to breathe again.
  • Deutsche Bank just let go of 20% aka 20,000 jobs…..sheesh
  • Motel 6 pays $10 Million in class action lawsuit for working with ICE in Arizona.
  • Trump still pushes of Climate Control after the French President asks for support.
  • Chip maker AMD is feeling good with rising stock from crypto serge.

(3) Stocks to Rock!

Image from: MarketWatch

After much research and thoroughly reading articles from very credible sources. We have come up with (3) three stocks that we believe you should know about. Before giving you the (3) three stocks, I want you to sit down in a chair or couch nearby. Take a deep breath and exhale, do this until you feel completely relaxed. Once you feel relaxed please continue to read on.


Alright, now that we have gotten that out of the way let’s move on to what you have been waiting to read; which stocks are going to increase exponentially within the next few years.

Alphabet (Google): If you are looking in the stock market search for the ticker “GOOG” and you will be able to see it’s current price. Even though this is not a surprise, it’s important for all of you to know that Google has been making a lot of moves into different industries. One of these moves includes diving into the gaming industry. Allowing you to purchase games and play them on your phone or computer through YouTube itself. What is this system called? Something that you may have never heard of; Stadia. This has not been released yet but nonetheless, I am pretty certain that with the billion dollar valuation of the gaming industry, taking a small percentage will be beneficial to Google in the long run.

Tencent: Ticker symbol is TCEHY. You may have never heard of Tencent before but I promise you that they are not by any means a small company. It’s actually one of the largest companies in the world. They have a heavy investment in the gaming industry as well, owning some of the most popular games played throughout the world today. This includes Call of Duty, Fortnite, and the League of Legends. I have not played Fortnite before but Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is still one of my favorite games of all time…..good ole college days. Other than that Tencent has acquired WeChat, which has the ability to compete with social media giants within the Chinese market.

Aurora Cannabis: I know most of you are more excited about this one just because of the word “cannabis” being in the name of the business. Well, luckily for you your excitement is actually warranted this time. This is the second largest cannabis company in Canada. They have the overall potential to take a huge slice of the $160 Billion cannabis market that circumvents the globe. With sales exceeding $50 Million last year, growing over 300% from the previous year, I am sure you can already see why there is so much excitement being thrown in Aurora Cannabis’s direction.

Time to go read up on these three stocks to see their Balance Sheets, reviews, articles, and more to ensure they are a fit for your portfolio. DO NOT JUST BUY STOCK!

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Generation Contracting & Remodeling is a family owned contracting company that offers a wide range of Interior and exterior services. We specialize in bathroom, kitchen, flooring, painting, and decks.

The client’s happiness is our number one priority. Generations Contracting offers great customer service and pays special attention to detail when completing jobs. We make sure clients are consistently updated with applicable changes that occur throughout a project. Generation Contracting can do it all and no job is too small. Completing jobs that range from windows and doors to full gut rehabs. 

Looking to get in contact for this business? Use the email address or call the number listed below.

Email: GenerationContractors@gmail.com

Phone: (412) 616-1684

The Pillars of Good Credit

Image from: FinanceMarvel

In today’s time it is virtually unrealistic to never apply for a credit card throughout your life. To be able to buy a house, rent an apartment, purchase or lease a car, or even to get an iPad on an installment plan. They all require that you have some sort of credit score.

Before diving into credit cards, let’s talk about the overall reason that credit is being used for all of these circumstances, but in a more simplified version. It’s to show that you are able to take on debt and pay it off in a timely manner. Yes, its actually that simple. So, let me tell you what can affect your credit and how its calculated. If you can perfect these (5) things you will most certainly have a credit score that is above 700 (I am not liable if you do not have a credit score above 700).

1.       Amount/Versatility of Account

It is key that you can show that you know how to manage multiple types of lines of credit. Such as, a bank loan, two credit cards, a store card, and even the mortgage on your house. This is proving responsibility and that you can maintain paying all of your debts fully and on time.

2.       Number of Inquiries

Each time that you apply for a new credit card or loan the lenders do an inquiry into your credit score and history. Let’s just put it this way, you do not want too many in a short period of time or you will see a ding hitting your score.

3.       Length of Credit History

In this instance, the longer that you have your accounts open the better your credit score. Unfortunately, they look at the oldest and the average of all of your lines of credit. But hey, no one’s perfect so just manage your credit cards long enough for them to benefit your  credit score.

4.       Utilization of Credit

This has to do with you using the lines of credit that you have open. What does that mean? Well, weirdly enough it means that you need to use at least 15% of your overall line of credit for them to see you as paying off your debt in a responsible manner. Makes no sense to you? Yeah, well me neither.

5.       Missed Payments

No explanation needed for the last one. Make all of your payments and you will see your score stay above a certain amount. Please be smart and know that if you cannot afford something do not use your credit card. Why? Because you won’t be able to afford it at the end of the month either.

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“The Fake I.D. Millionaire Draft”

Hello On-lookers, 

Welcome to my first issue with the new “Sponsored Feature” value! As you can see above is the business that is being sponsored within the newsletter. You will have a chance to read more about it as you go through the issue.

For all of the new subscribers and readers, I want to say thank you for chiming in. Throughout the past week you got to see the NBA Draft which is also called the “Fake I.D. Millionaire“, the Space Jam 2 cast has been released, a giant squid was finally caught on camera, and Toy Story 4 finds a way to make $118 Million! With all of that, I am going to introduce you to a few different topics, while also just expanding your current knowledge base on topics you already know about.

Image from: New York Post

What’s in today’s article:

  • What are ETF’s and why are they an important part of investing?
  • What age milestones do you need to hit in savings to be on target for retirement?….as they say…..
  • Sponsored Feature: Impact Financial Consulting

News & Topics around the world:

  • PG&E plans to exit bankruptcy with a $31 Billion reconstruction.
  • Slack opens on the market at $26 per share with a Direct Listing of $15.6 Billion.
  • Netflix’s Murder Mystery movie is a smash with over 30 Million viewers in 3 Days.
  • Google stops all production of creating its own “Pixel Slate” tablets
  • Bitcoin is now trading above $11,000, all because of Facebook’s “Libra.”

WTF is an “ETF”?

Image from: Motley Fool

The first part of the business is telling you what the acronym ETF stands for; exchange-traded fund. An exchange-traded fund is a basket of securities that, through a broker, you can buy and sell. These securities include stocks, bonds, commodities, and even a combination of each in some sort of fashion.

It might be time to tell you what I believe that ETF’s are important to invest in; (one) they have the diversification of a mutual fund and (second) you can trade with the ease of a stock. I know a lot of this is going over your head, so I would use the highlighted terms in this section as a guide for what to research before purchasing. I also, at all times, recommend that you speak to a broker before investing your money into something you do not fully understand.

Benefits of an ETF:

  • Ability to diversify across industries.
  • You can buy and sell through the likes of; Robinhood.

Now there are also some flaws the come along with ETF’s. I like to show both sides of the card. Click the link here to see the ETF Flaws that Investors Should Not Overlook

Sponsor Feature:  Impact Financial Consulting

Summary of Business and Services:

Impact Financial Consulting works with individuals to help create a well designed financial plan that aligns their decisions with their values. We work with clients and coach them in ways that will help them be confident in managing their money. We primarily focus on three main areas of personal finance:

  • Savings
  • Debt Elimination 
  •  Investing Guide

The Importance of Saving Money

Make savings a priority. If nothing else, make sure that you are setting aside 5 to 10% of your income per paycheck just for savings at a minimum. This does not include investments or paying off debt but simply savings account for the unknown. This should be done automatically.

You can set up an automatic transfer to your bank account by going to your HR department and set up automatic transfers to be directly deposited to an online savings account. This will ensure that you do not forget or miss an opportunity to save money. Emergencies happen, however, the majority of the people are never fully prepared for a real emergency. For some reason, we enjoy life on the weekends. We prepare for a vacation. We even spend money like no other on eating out. But when it comes to setting aside some money so that we are not in distress, it’s like a foreign language. 

Unexpected expenses happen all the time yet there are no changes in our financial habits that cause us to think ahead. By simply putting aside at least 5% of each paycheck, you are setting yourself up for success. This savings is not for foolish spending, but actual unplanned expenses or emergencies. These things include; getting sick or having to take off work, losing one’s job, an unexpected household repair, or a malfunctioning car. Life becomes so much easier when we plan for the unknown. Because whether we like it or not, something that we did not plan for will happen. Let’s make sure that we’re paying ourselves first and be responsible with our finances by saving before we spend.

Visit their site through the following link!

Impact Financial Consulting

SAVE to “Vacay” in Retirement

Image from: USA Today

During this day and time, it turns out that saving for retirement is not a goal for the current Millennials generation. Let me give you a quick example of how a Baby Boomer and a Millennials retirement conversation would go.

Baby Boomer: “How much are you putting towards your 401K?”

Millennial: “IDK, I haven’t changed it yet.” (As they look at a video on Instagram)

Baby Boomer: “You need to do that before its too late and then you’re playing catch-up in your 50’s!”

Millennial: “Man, I’m not worried about that….. I’mma be a millionaire by 30 anyways!”

Baby Boomer: “Mwah mwah mwah”

Millennial: “I ain’t worried, I’mma be rich anyway.”

Well, now that my reenactment is complete let me give you the information you are here for. If you are saving for retirement, following this layout will give you a high percentage chance of having plenty to retire comfortably.

  • 30 y/o:  Have savings equivalent to your salary
  • 35 y/o:  2(x) your annual salary earned
  • 40 y/o:  3(x) your annual salary earned

I know that the above sounds a bit unreasonable based on when you get out of college, where you are starting financially, how much you have in student debt loans, and even if you have a child a bit early. Use this as a marker and adjust based on your financial situation. Just understand that retirement by 60 years old is to have at a minimum of 10 times your annual salary saved up.

Read more on it by through this Forbes article here.

What’s in store for next week’s article?

  • What are (5) Stocks that are projected to grow exponentially throughout the next few years?

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“A Change is Comin’ “

Hey Overachievers,

It looks like things are getting a bit crazy in the global market with the tariffs that are affecting dozens of nations. Keep your eyes peeled on the horizon…..or CNN to ensure that your business is not next in the tariff apocalypse.

On to the good news! I am starting a new format for my blog articles to enhance and ease your ability to scroll through the article quickly and find exactly what you want to read in less than 2 minutes (YES… I said 2 minutes).

Image from: Lever – Transfer of Learning

What’s in today’s article:

  • Cryptocurrency is still in the headlines…..why?
  • Which bank is the best for small business lending (AKA loans)?
  • Fintech is taking off, but what is fintech exactly?

News & Topics around the world:

  • HIV pills will soon be free and available to private insurance holders
  • Amazon buys 15 Boeing 737’s to add to their air fleet
  • Huawei is set to lose almost $30 Billion since US sanctions
  • Netflix is crushing expectations and projections for subscriber growth in 2019
  • Peloton….yes the exercising bike, is about to go public. Look out for their IPO.

Cryptocurrency ….. “Why ssooo ssserious?”

Yes, if you have seen Batman Returns then you know the quote. Nonetheless, it turns out I feel as though I am still confused about if this is a thing or not. Two or three years ago cryptocurrency was the hottest take in the world, especially the United States. Bitcoin, Ripple, Dash, Monero, and NEO were on top of the investment chain. Attempting to double up on their money through the value of each coin going up because of the limit in the amount of coins that can be created.

Well, lets fast forward a few years to now and even though the overall popularity of obtaining cryptocurrency has declined exponentially there seems to be a lot of focus from the large corporations to continue the journey into fortifying the foothold of cryptocurrency in the financial world.

Facebook has publicly announced that they are creating their very own, even with the looming fines that are coming their way from the government. So, you may want to think about investing into crypto’s once again!

Let Wells fund your Business

Most small business owners are always looking for ways to fund their business. There are many ways to do this and that may include;

  • Investors
  • Selling your car
  • Selling your house
  • Giving up Equity
  • Or saving over 10 years

If you do not want to use the above, then I have an option for you! Its called a business loan through the bank. Oh, and I have the top bank that you should use as a small business lender. If you take a second to read the title of this section again I’m sure you know the answer.

Yes, its Wells Fargo. Take some time to look into this more!

Financial Technology is Fin-Tech

Image from: Univ. of Pennsylvania

Fintech is an emerging industry where the large banks and new apps around the world are competing to make financial services work completely through virtual assistance.

As you may know the use of smart phones around the world has created a completely new industry and market for having the ability to create a pipeline of sales by using it as an outlet. As, the baby boomers get closer to retirement and everyone in the world is working to become tech savvy. Access to customers and clients are occurring through the internet on laptops/computers or smart phones.

This is why you have been able to control your investments through Robinhood, Etrade or Mint. Having the ability to move money into different accounts from your online banking applications is the way of the future, and the money that can be made through providing a service to where you empower each individual to be able to control all of their finances within the palm of their hand…… amazing right!

What’s in store for next week’s article?

  • What are ETF’s and how they can improve your investment opportunities?

I hope all of you have enjoyed this new layout and what we are providing you!

If you have any comments, good or bad, in regards to this article please let me know so that I can make it better for you! Click the link or button below.

“Earn your Stripes”

With Netflix releasing the most talked about docuseries / movie ……… once again, I am positive that all of you have missed out on reading about the news that has occurred throughout the past week. So, luckily for you I am here to keep you in the know! Just so you know I am referring to “When You See Us!”

In Today’s newsletter:

  • Where to find help in scaling or building a business? (Think RISE)
  • Updates on the business world
  • What’s a top FREE payment system for your business?

This week I wanted to talk about something a little bit different from the past articles. In the past 5 – 7 years being an entrepreneur, business owner, or freelancer has become more obtainable than ever before. With the power of the internet and being able to advertise your business through social media for a small amount of money, you can become successful in anything that the market needs.

Nonetheless, it has become increasingly clear that people are attempting to grow their business quickly and in turn they have been running their business with little to no growth throughout the past few years. There seems to be something that most businesses are missing as they are attempting to take the next step within their growth and the amount of revenue they want to make. The unfortunate part is that most of the owners think that it has to do with their marketing or the look of their logo, they even blame their website layout at times.

So, what is it that you are missing? I’m sure you’re wondering what the answer is going to be. I cannot give you a specific answer because all businesses vary but I can assure you that it has to do with the overall basics that your business was built upon. The mission that the business embodies and what it expels to the public is imperative. What is my suggestion? I suggest that you take time to reach out and receive third party consultation to help improve your business. Why do I believe this is the best option? It’s based on the fact that you do not have to give up equity to take the necessary steps in forming a strong business.

Who do I trust and suggest to keep your best interest in mind and to work with you, building you along with your business, and then standing with you through out the trials of your business?

Real Innovative and Solutions for Entrepreneurs…. Also known as “RISE.”

Image from: RISE Consulting Group

RISE Consulting Group is a one of a kind firm that puts the client first and will always put you in a place to protect yourself and your business. Click the link below to see their website and if you call, tell them that “Kenny Davis sent me!”

RISE Consulting Group

News and Topics:

  • Salesforce acquires analytics software Tableau for $15 Billion
  • Amazon is creating a credit card for those with bad credit and no banking
  • Facebook is releasing its own cryptocurrency and apparently employees can take it as salary
  • NASA is opening the Space Station as a tourist destination in the near future
  • Tesla Model 3 is now in demand and outpacing all of its electronic car competitors
Image from: WP Travel Engine

The Financial Seed: Grow Your Stripe(s)

As all of you are starting to grow your business, it becomes clear that many of you do not have a great payment process built within. This is in regards to taking in revenue and also paying out possible employees and contractors.

Most people are using Square for their business or PayPal because of the ease in signing up and getting revenue on the spot. Although, this is a mistake and it is a mistake because of the overall functionality and the inability to grow your business without having to at some point move into another system. What system has the capability to function while your business is scaling and has the ability to take on the amount of transactions or payroll necessary?

If you were able to read the title of the section and know, then good for you! But, if you are not within this group of people then the system you are looking for is called Stripe.

Stripe is free at its most simplistic form and using Stripe Connect allows you to embed it into your website and it will create the process where the contractors can fill out their own banking information while signing in.

Take some time to look over their webpage and start bringing in money, paying invoices, and paying your employees/contractors seamlessly.

Stripe Website

Thank you all for reading and please take action on all of the information that you have soaked in. If you do not put it to practice you will lose it!

See you next week!