Ask a Consultant [??]

The “Ask a Consultant” is a new feature for The Private Professional LLC where you have the opportunity to ask any question and the cost can be as low as $30 based on the amount of work hours needed to complete the work. The price will be gauged by the tiers below.

The three price categories are below:

Tier 1 [ $30 – $50 ]:

This is the price for all questions that we deem simple and does not take too many work hours.

Tier 2 [ $60 – $100 ]:

This is for questions that are intermediate in difficulty and will mostly likely take research or a review of something. But, still not an overwhelming amount of work hours.

Tier 3 [ $110 – Indefinite amount ]:

This is for questions where consultation is required and we are conducting research and/or actually writing up some sort of documentation for the client. This tier will require more than a few work hours.

Please fill out your name and email address below. Insert your question into the Comments section and click the Submit button.

Once submission is complete you will receive an email within 24 hours to detailing the Tier it fits into and the associated cost. Additionally, the contract will be attached for you to electronically sign and return with payment.

We look forward to answering your questions! Place information below for us to start the process!