Letter from the Owner

Since the beginning of the internet era we have seen an exponential amount of growth in the number of potential entrepreneurs and business owners. With easy access to information and to people across the world the opportunity to sell and buy anything anywhere is now possible. Fast forward about two decades and now we are living in an era of not just some people trying to be business owners; for the first time since the beginning of time you are more encouraged to start your own business than to work for someone else.

It is now 2018, college tuition is going up and the nations student loan debt is infinitely increasing due to the college costs rising. Shark Tank is one of the top rated shows in the world and the viewership is still only being pushed higher by the forever more interest in owning your own business.

As the owner and creator of this page I have been through a bunch of failed attempts to start my own business and each time I learned something new about what to fix to take the next step closer in building a successful business venture. Then for a few years after that I began to assist other entrepreneurs in creating business plans and cost analysis for their attempt at success. Throughout this period I noticed on anomaly that affected each potential entrepreneur and even pushed them to quitting on their business.

This universal flaw or issue that touches every business is marketing your business and getting a chance to have customers/consumers see your work if they are looking for something related to your business.

For example: if someone is looking for a photographer for their wedding. They usually reach out to their friends or family to see what recommendations they have and then do a quick internet search. But, what if there was a way for that person to go to one site and search all photographers, new and experienced, in one place?

If you want to hear more about what this site has to offer please click on the “Our Purpose” page or the link shown below. I promise it will be worth your time.