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Welcome to The Morning Ideal! For all of you that are reading this weeks issue, you are officially one of the first to read our new coveted newsletter. In this issue you will be introduced to one of our newest sections called; “Money Talk.” What does this section include? You’ll have to scroll and read to see.

For all of the people that submitted ideas through last weeks issue, I want to say thank you! Even though all submissions are good and were actually taken into consideration, we had to narrow it down to a top 5 and then vote from there. Here are the top five submissions.

  •  The Heard Newsletter
  •  The Start-up Entrepreneur
  •  The Priority Newsletter
  •  The Innovative Newsletter
  •  The WOKE Newsletter

Even though we decided to go with The Morning Ideal. All of the submissions assisted us in coming up with the name that we decided upon.

Winner: Ashley Watkins – You have won the $60 Graeter’s Ice Cream Gift Card through the referrals giveaway from last weeks issue. I know it’s not the healthiest giveaway out there but hey, even Rocky Balboa had a few cheat days……I think.

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News & Topics around the world:

  • US Women’s Soccer won their 4th World Cup and are back to back Champs.
  • Uber is looking to heavily invest into the Japanese market.
  • Amazon’s owner Jeff Bezos’s divorce is finally official; making MacKenzie Bezos the third richest woman in the world.
  • Ford and Volkswagon, sign a deal to use each other’s autonomous tech to enhance their products.
  • Dynatrace, looking to go public and possibly reach an IPO of $300 Million
  • Samsung’s profits from this previous quarter decreased by 56%…..sheesh

“MONEY TALK” by Lawrence Cain

Having Financial Goals Creates New Avenues

Image from: The Diamondback

Many Americans are working hard to so-called “secure the bag.”

The beauty of creating and working towards the future you desire is that doors will spontaneously open up for you in places you would have never thought to look. Maybe that door leads to you finding your dream job, starting a business, or checking off something from your Bucket List. It could be meeting a new person that can lead you to a BIG contract, or winning an award that gets you in front of an audience you may be able to inspire.

According to Webster’s Dictionary, the difference between being rich and being wealthy is that wealthy people have an abundance of resources. Meaning that the possibility of success in the future is going to be determined by the person you decide to build yourself up to be. By focusing on building up your resources, while becoming a resource yourself, you’ll begin to transition into a new level of greatness.

Get excited about this because you are going to have to start focusing on how great you can be, instead of things you just want to buy. Being led by the possibilities of your life, not by the purchases of you make. Investing money into yourself is one of the most exhilarating things you can do.

Remember, there are no such things as right or wrong when it comes to finances. There are only consequences to the decisions that you make within your financial situation.

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  • Real, organic fruits and vegetables such as kale and goji berries.
  • Over 27 essential vitamins and minerals, such as Vitamin C, Vitamin K, Vitamin D, Vitamin B12, Niacin, Folate, and Biotin, among others.
  • Real, organic ‘superfoods‘ such as chia seeds and non-dutch processed cacao

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Free Offerin’ Business Model

Image from: Study Breaks Magazine

Within this new age of having everything accessible through your smartphone, it turns out that the price of using an app is lower than ever before. Why you ask? Well, you owe a great deal of this new trend to everyone out there buying smartphones at an unprecedented rate. There is also the fact that the internet is now becoming a normality across the globe. What does this do for all current and future businesses?

It creates a multi-billion customer reach that was previously almost unattainable. So, that means one thing. It’s not about the price on the service or product anymore…..it’s all about the number of people you can attract into using the product or service. How about we move to a few examples so you can see exactly what I am getting at?

1.       Example #1: Tinder

As many of you know Tinder is completely free at its basic form and usage. Meaning that you can use Tinder freely in a limited capacity and receive the results you are looking for. Although if you want unlimited swipes you will need to upgrade your account. This is where you will be paying a monthly fee to use it.

With this business model Tinder has millions of users on the app daily and in turn, earns a high amount of revenue from businesses running advertisements through the app itself as another revenue stream.

2.       Example #2: Netflix

I know that this example does not start off free for the customer but it is a good way to look at having something provided to customers at a low price.

Netflix only cost $8.99 per month when it first came out. That is a very affordable price for a large demographic of the United States. Creating a large target market that can be reached and they found out not only how to reach the market but to continuously grow within that market. You may not think a business can reach millions from $8.99 per month. But, once you reach 20 million account holders then you are multiplying that $8.99, which gives you $180 Million.

Recently Netflix raised its prices by $2.00 and that’s not much for the users. Although, Netflix raises its revenue by $40 Million if we are still using those 20 million account holders.

At the end of the day if you have a service or product that is tech-based and can be used through the internet or smartphone, then use these two examples to help you in creating a profitable business model.

Giveaway of the Week: “Social Media Shoutout!”

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Prize:  $75  Cash [ thru the Cash App

This week’s giveaway is going to be a bit different from the past few weeks. We are going to change the rules and what is needed from you to have a chance to win.

You need to Re-Post one of The Morning Ideal’s posts on any of our social media outlets. For eachRe-Post, your name will be entered into the raffle. See the social media usernames below (you can click on the @ names to go to sites):

Instagram: @themorningideal_newsletter

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