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You can stop sweating now! At the G20 Summit, a handful of the world’s leaders came together to discuss important issues and luckily for all of the small business owners and any of you with a job, you do not have to worry about losing the ladder today. China President Xi Jinping and Donald Trump agreed to step back from the trade war and continue the overall negotiations at a later time. So, go home pop some champagne and look at your bank account.

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What’s in today’s article:

  • What are (3) Stocks projected to grow exponentially throughout the next few years?
  • Sponsored Feature: Generation Contracting & Remodeling.
  • What can actually affect your credit score?

News & Topics around the world:

  • US-China trade war truce allows businesses and the stock market to breathe again.
  • Deutsche Bank just let go of 20% aka 20,000 jobs…..sheesh
  • Motel 6 pays $10 Million in class action lawsuit for working with ICE in Arizona.
  • Trump still pushes of Climate Control after the French President asks for support.
  • Chip maker AMD is feeling good with rising stock from crypto serge.

(3) Stocks to Rock!

Image from: MarketWatch

After much research and thoroughly reading articles from very credible sources. We have come up with (3) three stocks that we believe you should know about. Before giving you the (3) three stocks, I want you to sit down in a chair or couch nearby. Take a deep breath and exhale, do this until you feel completely relaxed. Once you feel relaxed please continue to read on.


Alright, now that we have gotten that out of the way let’s move on to what you have been waiting to read; which stocks are going to increase exponentially within the next few years.

Alphabet (Google): If you are looking in the stock market search for the ticker “GOOG” and you will be able to see it’s current price. Even though this is not a surprise, it’s important for all of you to know that Google has been making a lot of moves into different industries. One of these moves includes diving into the gaming industry. Allowing you to purchase games and play them on your phone or computer through YouTube itself. What is this system called? Something that you may have never heard of; Stadia. This has not been released yet but nonetheless, I am pretty certain that with the billion dollar valuation of the gaming industry, taking a small percentage will be beneficial to Google in the long run.

Tencent: Ticker symbol is TCEHY. You may have never heard of Tencent before but I promise you that they are not by any means a small company. It’s actually one of the largest companies in the world. They have a heavy investment in the gaming industry as well, owning some of the most popular games played throughout the world today. This includes Call of Duty, Fortnite, and the League of Legends. I have not played Fortnite before but Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is still one of my favorite games of all time…..good ole college days. Other than that Tencent has acquired WeChat, which has the ability to compete with social media giants within the Chinese market.

Aurora Cannabis: I know most of you are more excited about this one just because of the word “cannabis” being in the name of the business. Well, luckily for you your excitement is actually warranted this time. This is the second largest cannabis company in Canada. They have the overall potential to take a huge slice of the $160 Billion cannabis market that circumvents the globe. With sales exceeding $50 Million last year, growing over 300% from the previous year, I am sure you can already see why there is so much excitement being thrown in Aurora Cannabis’s direction.

Time to go read up on these three stocks to see their Balance Sheets, reviews, articles, and more to ensure they are a fit for your portfolio. DO NOT JUST BUY STOCK!

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The Pillars of Good Credit

Image from: FinanceMarvel

In today’s time it is virtually unrealistic to never apply for a credit card throughout your life. To be able to buy a house, rent an apartment, purchase or lease a car, or even to get an iPad on an installment plan. They all require that you have some sort of credit score.

Before diving into credit cards, let’s talk about the overall reason that credit is being used for all of these circumstances, but in a more simplified version. It’s to show that you are able to take on debt and pay it off in a timely manner. Yes, its actually that simple. So, let me tell you what can affect your credit and how its calculated. If you can perfect these (5) things you will most certainly have a credit score that is above 700 (I am not liable if you do not have a credit score above 700).

1.       Amount/Versatility of Account

It is key that you can show that you know how to manage multiple types of lines of credit. Such as, a bank loan, two credit cards, a store card, and even the mortgage on your house. This is proving responsibility and that you can maintain paying all of your debts fully and on time.

2.       Number of Inquiries

Each time that you apply for a new credit card or loan the lenders do an inquiry into your credit score and history. Let’s just put it this way, you do not want too many in a short period of time or you will see a ding hitting your score.

3.       Length of Credit History

In this instance, the longer that you have your accounts open the better your credit score. Unfortunately, they look at the oldest and the average of all of your lines of credit. But hey, no one’s perfect so just manage your credit cards long enough for them to benefit your  credit score.

4.       Utilization of Credit

This has to do with you using the lines of credit that you have open. What does that mean? Well, weirdly enough it means that you need to use at least 15% of your overall line of credit for them to see you as paying off your debt in a responsible manner. Makes no sense to you? Yeah, well me neither.

5.       Missed Payments

No explanation needed for the last one. Make all of your payments and you will see your score stay above a certain amount. Please be smart and know that if you cannot afford something do not use your credit card. Why? Because you won’t be able to afford it at the end of the month either.

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