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It looks like things are getting a bit crazy in the global market with the tariffs that are affecting dozens of nations. Keep your eyes peeled on the horizon…..or CNN to ensure that your business is not next in the tariff apocalypse.

On to the good news! I am starting a new format for my blog articles to enhance and ease your ability to scroll through the article quickly and find exactly what you want to read in less than 2 minutes (YES… I said 2 minutes).

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What’s in today’s article:

  • Cryptocurrency is still in the headlines…..why?
  • Which bank is the best for small business lending (AKA loans)?
  • Fintech is taking off, but what is fintech exactly?

News & Topics around the world:

  • HIV pills will soon be free and available to private insurance holders
  • Amazon buys 15 Boeing 737’s to add to their air fleet
  • Huawei is set to lose almost $30 Billion since US sanctions
  • Netflix is crushing expectations and projections for subscriber growth in 2019
  • Peloton….yes the exercising bike, is about to go public. Look out for their IPO.

Cryptocurrency ….. “Why ssooo ssserious?”

Yes, if you have seen Batman Returns then you know the quote. Nonetheless, it turns out I feel as though I am still confused about if this is a thing or not. Two or three years ago cryptocurrency was the hottest take in the world, especially the United States. Bitcoin, Ripple, Dash, Monero, and NEO were on top of the investment chain. Attempting to double up on their money through the value of each coin going up because of the limit in the amount of coins that can be created.

Well, lets fast forward a few years to now and even though the overall popularity of obtaining cryptocurrency has declined exponentially there seems to be a lot of focus from the large corporations to continue the journey into fortifying the foothold of cryptocurrency in the financial world.

Facebook has publicly announced that they are creating their very own, even with the looming fines that are coming their way from the government. So, you may want to think about investing into crypto’s once again!

Let Wells fund your Business

Most small business owners are always looking for ways to fund their business. There are many ways to do this and that may include;

  • Investors
  • Selling your car
  • Selling your house
  • Giving up Equity
  • Or saving over 10 years

If you do not want to use the above, then I have an option for you! Its called a business loan through the bank. Oh, and I have the top bank that you should use as a small business lender. If you take a second to read the title of this section again I’m sure you know the answer.

Yes, its Wells Fargo. Take some time to look into this more!

Financial Technology is Fin-Tech

Image from: Univ. of Pennsylvania

Fintech is an emerging industry where the large banks and new apps around the world are competing to make financial services work completely through virtual assistance.

As you may know the use of smart phones around the world has created a completely new industry and market for having the ability to create a pipeline of sales by using it as an outlet. As, the baby boomers get closer to retirement and everyone in the world is working to become tech savvy. Access to customers and clients are occurring through the internet on laptops/computers or smart phones.

This is why you have been able to control your investments through Robinhood, Etrade or Mint. Having the ability to move money into different accounts from your online banking applications is the way of the future, and the money that can be made through providing a service to where you empower each individual to be able to control all of their finances within the palm of their hand…… amazing right!

What’s in store for next week’s article?

  • What are ETF’s and how they can improve your investment opportunities?

I hope all of you have enjoyed this new layout and what we are providing you!

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