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The Warriors are now 1 – 2 in the Finals, Anthony Joshua loses to someone’s uncle, and apparently the stock market is doing a balancing act to hold itself upright. Last week was definitely one to remember but, I like to focus on things that may have an impact on my life.

In today’s time there are a lot of business’s sprouting up from all over the world and coming from individuals with all types of economic backgrounds. With that being said, the way that we can utilize technology within a business makes it possible for just about anyone to become a successful business owner.

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Nonetheless, it turns out that its not the actual technology that enables a business owner to build the value of their business and make sound decisions. This is all done within the utilization of something called Analytics and Data Management. Over the past few years it has been a major priority to optimize the data that is being gathered within a business and using it to form tables that can be understood. This is usually an expensive software or service to obtain and its never customizable towards exactly what you need within your specific business.

Well, today The Private Professional LLC has built itself into a business that only provides software and tools that allow you to receive everything you’re looking for. Through an affordable cost structure, we prioritize to solve and help your business excel in three main categories; Analytics, Scalability, and Automation.

Within these three categories we promise you will see a change in your overall understanding of your business and also the ability to take on more clients with ease. To start the process please click on the link below!

The Private Professional LLC

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News and Topics:

  • Spotify “Stations” free app is now available! Providing you with radio stations that plays all of your favorite songs.
  • Fintech has received a record $117 Billion in deals from the serge in cashless payments.
  • CVS releases its new HealthHUB which will be focusing on wellness experience.
  • Bumble (yes, the dating app) is opening a café location in NYC for their users to meet in a safe place.
  • Wells Fargo just donated $1 Billion to affordable housing, a part of philanthropic initiative
  • Uber is being audited by the IRS for 2013 and 2014 taxes (hopefully they paid their share)
  • Apple will shut-down iTunes for good so “bye-bye” to all the music you purchased….should have used LimeWire (haha)
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The Financial Seed: The Art of Refinance

Student Loans are going to be an issue for decades to come and with the forever raising rates of tuition this does not seem like something that will go away anytime soon. I know, I know, there is a college in New York that gives free tuition. Although, I do not see this practice trending anytime soon because of the huge market that is called “The College Experience”. So, for this articles topic I am going to focus on some of the best options for refinancing your student loan debt into one consistent payment process.

Let me start off with what refinancing is from a generic standpoint. Refinancing is when you take a previously agreed upon loan structure and replacing it with a better one; which in turn will be taking another loan in its place.

In this instance we are talking about trying to either lessen the overall monthly impact of your debt payments, or to consolidate your debt from multiple lenders to one. Creating a constant interest rate and one payment to be devoted to per month. The benefits can be to get out of the fluctuation of the government loans, Sallie Mae (awful), and many others that change what you owe each year. To something you can count on being stable and have the ability to budget and track easily.

What are the best refinancing companies for student loans? Well, you have come to the right blog! I will provide you with the top 5 refinancing companies that are being utilized today.

  1. Credible
  2. Earnest
  3. LendKey
  4. College Ave
  5. SoFi

Click on the names of each that you are interested in above to read more into the specific details. If you are struggling with your student loans and are trying to find a way to make it easier for yourself, then this is a way.

Thanks for reading and keep striving for greatness!

If you are interested in the services discussed earlier in the article by The Private Professional LLC, please click the link below!

The Private Professional LLC

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