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I hope you all have had an amazing Memorial Day weekend! Spending time with family and friends is always important for recharging yourself to get back to the grind towards the goals you have set for yourself.

In this day and age a lot of millennials are being challenged by the fact that you are not only having your college degrees downgraded to being something that’s common or normal; but also needing more practical skills to be chosen to be hired for a job. Throughout the last few years I have seen that jobs are looking for candidates to have the ability to work within many different types of software before starting.

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I know it seems unfair to expect you to know how to use a certain type of software before being able to have the chance to gain work experience or work within a system that uses that software. Although, nonetheless the fact is that they do not care anymore. What does that mean? It means that you need to start taking the time to learn how to use the software on your own.

I suggest that you use a few tools that are free or very affordable to gain the experience and knowledge for the software being used within your industry or department.

The first option is using YouTube Tutorials of the software. Each and every software (Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamic 360, SAP, Tableau, etc.) has a tutorial available to watch on YouTube, so why not use it. The second option is Udemy. Even though it may cost you about $20.00 to purchase the lesson, it is well worth it when you get the $50,000 full-time position you are working towards. The third option is going to Half Priced Books and purchasing the “Basics” books for the software. This is not the most desirable method but it is a method in itself.

If you are interested in checking out Udemy; click the link Here.

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News and Topics:

  • Fiat Chrysler and Renault are in talks to merge and it could be worth $37 Billion
  • China owns $21 Trillion in U.S. Treasury bonds (they own us…..smh)
  • Hedge funds are back to buying General Electric, maybe it’s time to reinvest
  • Micron and Nvidia stocks rebound after US gives temporary relief for Huawei suppliers
  • Tesla is making a major come back in deliveries of the Tesla Model 3
  • Robinhood is nearing an evaluation of over $7 Billion

The Financial Seed: IRA means Retirement

A large percentage of the United States population is only a few years away from attempting to retire and some are excited and ready, while others are scared or regret that they didn’t do what they were supposed to when they we younger.

Lucky for you, I am going to introduce you to one of the most recommended avenues for saving up to ensure that you’re going to be fully prepared to retire. What am I going to introduce you to? Well, I’m sure if you took a few seconds to read the title of this section you already know that it’s an IRA.

What is an IRA? An IRA is an individual retirement account and it has a lot of benefits to it.

“IRA’s are a type of individual retirement account operated by banks and brokerages, rather than your employer, and mainly come in two forms – traditional and Roth.” (Business Insider Article)

The difference between the traditional and the Roth has to do with the way that taxes are treated within both. All money that is contributed to the traditional IRA’s are tax deductible, and unfortunately any money contributed to a Roth IRA is not.

Let’s me move on to why opening up an IRA is so important to your retirement. For starters, you should always have more than one savings method for your retirement. That is because you never know what will occur within your company or employers set packages that are offered and you have more control over the outside investments you create. Another reason is that you have some advantages in the timeframe that you can start withdrawing money from the overall account.

For an IRA you have the ability to begin pulling money from it at the ripe young age of 59 and a half. What does that mean? It means that you can retire a few years earlier and have a buffer between the time that you retire and start withdrawing from your employers 401K.

It you want to learn more about IRA’s and the top IRA brokers available today click the links below and start your journey to a wealthy retirement.

IRA Information

Top IRA Brokers

Thanks for reading and I will see you next week. Be ready because I will be doing a raffle where you have the chance to win a “The Private Professional” t-shirt next week!

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