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News & Topics:

  • Trump bans Huawei and Google cuts ties soon after (Keep your eyes peeled on this)
  • JPMorgan acquires InstaMed, a healthcare firm for $500 Million
  • Apple may soon be banned in China, scary for Apple revenue
  • Ford cutting 7,000 jobs to save $600 million for restructuring
  • Top industries of the future include; AI, Autonomous Vehicles, and Cannabis.
  • Morgan Stanley expert states that Tesla stock could drop to $10.

Now it’s time for my next segment, which is completely centered around providing financial knowledge to all of you! Not only is it financial knowledge, it is hopefully something that applies to your life in some fashion!

The Financial Seed: A Balance Sheet says What?

When it comes to the average individual and the fact that they either believe there is no need to know about what a balance sheet is, or how to look through the balance sheet to gain value; it always baffles me.

Through my experience when talking to clients, there seems to be a disconnect between what can be learned through a better understanding of financials. Not just from within your own business but also from others. The same applies to all of you that are so called investors. People always wonder how Warren Buffet is able to have such a high rate of success within the stock market. It all starts with his understanding of the financials and what they mean in terms of the business. I’m not going to dive into each detail but I will give you some insight into the importance of the Balance Sheet.

What can you learn from looking through a Balance Sheet?

  • Ability to see the big picture of the company’s overall financial condition.
  • Consolidating a lot of the accounts and showing important numbers.
  • Shows a listing of the company’s assets and breaks them down into the most important sections.
    1. Cash, Investments, Trade Receivables, Accounts Receivables, Inventory, Property, and Plan and Equipment.
  • Gives you a list of the company’s liabilities so you can understand where  the company stands.
    1. Looking at Long-term Debt, Outstanding Debts, Accrued Liabilities and even just overall Accounts Payable.
  • Allows you to see the amount of money being invested into the company through a given year. Letting you know if the company is making good decisions with its past investments or if they are using the money being invested into the company to benefit the longevity and success of the company.

So, the next time you take a look at a Balance Sheet; look up the definition of the account, look at the numbers and try to gain an understanding of the business. Try to understand why the company has a negative in their Net Income, and not to just believe that they are failing.

Amazon was in the negative for years because they were investing and building their empire to give them the ability to make the revenue they are making today. You would understand this by looking into the Balance Sheet not the Income Statement.

Take some time this week and review a few company’s Balance Sheet and send me (3) things that you learned from it. I want to here from you! Comment below or email me through the email address here: theprivateprof@gmail.com.

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