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“New week, new you! You have to choose a time where you finally say, enough is enough! Take the initiative to be the person you have always wanted to be!”

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Now that you feel energized and ready to strive for what you have pushed off for so long, let’s get back to what’s actually going on in the business world. The fact that most people want to start business’s but do not read up on anything pertaining to the competition or their industry has always been very surprising to me.

Just because you have an amazing idea does not mean you have a high chance at success. Close your eyes and think about all of the very successful individuals that own the top corporations throughout the world……they are all very deeply versed into their industry. So much that they are now seen as experts in their fields. Asking Warren Buffet about how he makes his investment decisions, talking to Bill Gates about the technological advances of the future, or working with Larry Page (co-founder & CEO of Alphabet Co.) on data sourcing.

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So before starting your business, pick up some books and read a plethora of newsletters and reports about current businesses within your industry. I promise you that this will give you a huge head start in the decisions you make for your business and the connections you are able to make within the community.

News & Topics:

  • Apple’s Q2 results are better than expected; stocks soar 6%
  • Tesla lost $700 million last quarter and deliveries for them fell 31%. You better buy a Tesla while you can.
  • Microsoft hit the $1 Trillion valuation mark (WOWZERS!!)
  • Amazon doubled its profits this past quarter and the answer is “online services
  • PayPal opens the curtain; Venmo has 40 Million active users(!!!!) Are you using Venmo?
  • Slack will be a publicly traded company soon; with IPO of $7.2 Billion. May be something to invest in….. or not (this is not a suggestion).
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The Finance Seed: Beneficial Saving Accounts

In today’s world everyone is placing their banking accounts within a large traditional brick and mortar bank. Such as; Fifth Third, First Financial, US Bank, and many others. Well, through a recent article that I have read it turns out that you are losing out on a lot of money by opening a savings account within these banks. Why, you ask?

Well, unfortunately these banks only give you 0.10% or even 0.01% interest on the amount you have saved. What does that mean for you? That means you are actually losing money based on the average inflation rates for the value of a dollar in the United States.

To me this sounds awful! Especially now that I know if you open a savings account in an online bank (the one’s proven and researched) you can incur 2.0% interest on the money in your account.

100 x 0.10% = $0.10

100 x 0.01% = $0.01

100 x 2.00% = $2.00

It may not seem like much with $100 in your account but if you compound that to $10,000 you will see an extra $200 added instead of $10 or $1.

I know, I know….. now you are waiting for me to release the names of the banks that have the 2%, right? I had to make you read something first before just giving you the names. You need to be looking for something called a High Yield Savings Account. These are the ones you want look into for the higher percentages.

A few examples are Capital One, Ally, Barclays, HSBC, and Marcus (Goldman Sachs).

Let’s take the next steps into becoming more financially intuitive and financially successful!

Thank you for reading and see you all next week!

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