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So, why is Shaquille O’neal sitting on the board for Papa John’s? I hope they don’t think we want to see him in more commercials outside of The General Insurance and the back soreness creams. No, but on a serious note if you have not been paying attention to Papa John’s; they have been making a lot of changes to their business throughout the past few months. This is not just because the original owner John Schnatter was voted off of the board of trustees [for saying a certain racially derogatory word in public]; this is really a result of a firm buying a percentage of Papa Johns during the January/February timeframe of this year.

Who is this firm? Well, they call themselves Starboard. Starboard has an amazing reputation for helping turn businesses around and becoming profitable again; while also increasing their share price. For one example; Olive Garden. If you do not know, Olive Garden is under Darden’s Restaurants. Starboard bought a portion of Darden’s shares and took over the decision making for the company, which in turn, throughout the past few years Olive Garden is back to being a profitable chain across the United States. [It’s all about the breadsticks baby!]

Since Starboard has taken the reigns I have noticed changes right off the back. See the below:

  1. Removing John Schnatter from the Board of Trustees
  2. Tuition Reimbursement
  3. More Flavors for Wings
  4. Adding Shaquille O’neal to the Board of Trustees

I’m excited to see what else is on the horizon!

Now its time to introduce you to a segment that will be added into each blog post. This segment is called; The Financial Seed

Why The Financial Seed you say? Well, I believe that it is extremely important for every person reading this to not only memorize the information given but to grow from it. This segment is about continually planting the seed to give you the ability to take it and grow. So please read the below for your very first The Financial Seed!

The Financial Seed: Invest in Acorns

Some people that I talk to regularly know what Acorns is, because I harp on them using it! [if you are one of them you better be using it!!!!]

Acorns is an app that you can download on your iPhone from the Apple Store, or on your Android phone as well. So what does this app do? This app allows you to create a new line of savings for many different purposes. Let’s just say if you do not know how to save currently, this will hopefully help you save without thinking about it. The method that Acorns uses is solely based on the amount of purchases you make with your Debit cards. There are two methods that the app uses to slowly move money from your accounts into the app for saving purposes.

  1. Recurring deposits into the app

This includes you setting up an amount that you feel comfortable with the app taking from your bank accounts on a weekly basis. That amount can be as low as $1 or as high as you wish. Just be certain that its not too high that you will have to withdrawal from the app in the future because you put too much money in.

  1. Round-up Method

Now, this is probably the most sexy part of the app to me! For this process, each purchase that you make with your card it rounds it up to the nearest whole dollar amount and deposits the margin amount into the app.

For example; if you buy some Skittles for $1.29 from the gas station. Well, the app notices this transaction and takes the margin difference of $0.71 from your card and moving it into the app. So, instead of making a purchase of $1.29 you made a $2.00 purchase. If you use your card as often as I do this can save you over a thousand dollars in as fast as 4 – 5 months.

If you are interested in downloading this app you can also sign-up online through the link here: https://www.acorns.com/

I will be releasing my “What’s Kenny Thinking?” blog once (1) per week on Tuesday’s. Please stay tuned and let me know what you think about it through the comments or emailing me directly at the email address below.

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