IMPROVE your Business with Analytics

“Being able to scale your business with the click of a button!”

The Private Professional LLC is a business that creates analytical software and tools that will assist you in your business endeavors. The three main principles that we promise to enhance within your business are;


Using data analytics to power your business. Providing you with real time solutions for yours and your client’s business.


Using our software will allow you to take on more clients and grow in a more systematic wat. Creating new revenue streams that will exponentially increase your profit.


We provide your business a wide array of tools that will allow your staff to cut down on certain tasks. We have seen in some cases a 32% increase in productivity.


Our service is to provide beneficial software and tools to you!

Overall Investment: 3 Installment Payment’s. 30% upfront of total cost.

Please contact us if you are interested in need of our services through the below.


If you are interested in our services please reach out to us through the email below:


Phone Number: (513) 518-4853

Lead Financial Analyst – Kenny Davis